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Beers in the Bar: East Anglian Beer Festival
No. Beer Style Brewery ABV Footprint Tasting Notes
1 Classic English Ale Bitter/Best Bitter 3 Brewers 4.0 Traditional ale, deep amber in colour, with a light hoppy aroma and a rounded malty taste balanced by subtle hoppiness.
2 Southwold Bitter Bitter/Best Bitter Adnams 3.7 A copper-coloured session bitter brewed with East Anglian malted barley and Fuggle hops.
3 Mosaic Pale Ale Pale Ale/IPA Adnams 4.1 A fruity pale blonde beer, with aromas of mango, peach, lemon and pine and a dry hoppy finish.
4 Oyster Stout Porter/Stout Adnams 4.3 A rich, nutty, dark, classic dry stout made from East Anglian pale ale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley and English Golding hops.
5 Broadside Old/Strong Adnams 4.7 A dark ruby-red beer, rich in fruitcake aromas, almonds and conserved fruit.
6 Dark Mild Mild Bank Top 4.0 A full-bodied dark mild with hints of liquorice and roast barley.
7 Comrade Bill Bartrams Porter/Stout Bartrams 6.9 A bold and tasty Russian stout with a mouth-filling, airy texture and a lot of peppery, bitter chocolate flavours.
8 XXXB Pale Ale/IPA Batemans 4.5 English tawny pale ale, brewed with spicy Challenger, Styrian and Golding hops for a fruity beer with a peppery aroma and biscuity flavour.
9 Black Bear Mild Beartown 5.0 Dark-ruby-coloured, strong mild ale. Subtle roast and malt flavours with a mellow, sweetish finish.
10 The Squirrel's Nuts Mild Beeston 3.5 A traditional-style, dark, malty mild. Very smooth and lightly hopped.
11 Old Stoatwobbler Porter/Stout Beeston 6.0 Full-flavoured stout, dark, strong and a little fruity.
12 Vanilla Stout Porter/Stout Binghams 5.0 Dark stout infused with vanilla pods to complement the dark malts.
13 Heresy Golden/Blonde Ale Bishop Nick 4.0 A refreshing golden ale made with pale ale malt and Challenger hops for a spicy bitterness before Goldings deliver citrus and floral flavours.
14 1555 Bitter/Best Bitter Bishop Nick 4.3 A full-bodied rich tawny beer with a sweet nutty taste underlined by the ginger and fruit of Styrian goldings.
15 Golden Torc Golden/Blonde Ale Boudicca 4.3 Hoppy golden ale with a steady base of malt and bitterness and a hint of grapefruit leading to a lasting finish.
16 Spiral Stout Porter/Stout Boudicca 4.6 Traditional stout with aromas of dark autumnal berries, undertones of coffee and dark chocolate, and a lingering dry roast finish with a hint of smoke.
17 Rusty Bucket Bitter/Best Bitter Brandon 4.4 Premium bitter with a distinctive balance of hops and malt.
18 Grumpy Bastard Bitter/Best Bitter Brandon 4.5 An amber beer, full-bodied and malty. with a citrus kick from added orange peel.
19 Brewers Droop Golden/Blonde Ale Brandon 5.0 A strong golden ale brewed with pale and crystal malts for a lightly roasted body, with floral and citrus notes.
20 Vanilla Porter Porter/Stout Brewshed 4.7 A smooth black/brown porter brewed with seven types of malts.
21 Golden Wolf Golden/Blonde Ale Brewshed 4.9 Golden ale hopped with a blend of Mosaic and Citra for a fresh, clean beer with more than a hint of tropical and citrus fruit.
22 Beagle Golden/Blonde Ale Buffy's 4.0 Golden ale with a citrus edge.
23 India Ale Pale Ale/IPA Buffy's 4.6 Golden in colour and flavoured with dwarf First Gold hops with a thirst-quenching astringency reminiscent of the classic IPAs.
24 Norwegian Blue Bitter/Best Bitter Buffy's 4.9 Copper-coloured best bitter, full of rich malt flavours.
25 Bridge Bitter Pale Ale/IPA Burton Bridge 4.2 A bitter beer with a lingering aftertaste.
26 Draught Burton Ale Bitter/Best Bitter Burton Bridge 4.8 A traditional-style beer with a citrus-hop aroma leading to a rich and well-rounded flavour, with a full-bodied character through to the finish.
27 Innspiration Bitter/Best Bitter Cabin 5.0 A light, ruby-coloured, beer brewed with malted barley and rye, complemented with Columbus, Cascade and Mosaic hops, with a slight taste of gooseberry.
28 Lodestar Golden/Blonde Ale Calvors 3.8 Golden refreshing ale made from four malts and with four additions of English hops for a gentle hop bitterness.
29 Smooth Hoperator Pale Ale/IPA Calvors 4.0 Pale ale with a rich golden colour and background sweetness brewed with four different East Anglian malts.
30 Black Gold Mild Castle Rock 3.8 A well-balanced dark mild ale with some bitterness, full-bodied, but not overly sweet.
31 Harvest Pale Golden/Blonde Ale Castle Rock 3.8 Delicate blonde beer with a citrus hop character and a crisp finish.
32 Preservation Fine Ale Bitter/Best Bitter Castle Rock 4.4 Full-flavoured best bitter, well-rounded with some residual sweetness balanced with a resinous hop character.
33 Full Steam Ahead Pale Ale/IPA Cliff Quay 4.1 A hoppy pale ale, brewed with extra pale and wheat malt, triple-hopped with a delicate malty grainy background, not excessively bitter.
34 Mild Mannered Mild Crafty Beers 3.5 A dark mild with a balance of sweet malt and tempered bitterness.
35 Sixteen Strides Pale Ale/IPA Crafty Beers 3.9 A generously-hopped pale ale. The dominant hops are Cascade, renowned for their citrusy and floral aroma.
36 Sauvignon Blonde Golden/Blonde Ale Crafty Beers 4.4 An aromatic, golden ale with flavours emanating from NZ Nelson Sauvin hops.
37 Essex Boys Bitter Bitter/Best Bitter Crouch Vale 3.5 A pale-brown beer with plenty of malt and hop flavour despite the low gravity.
38 Yakima Gold Pale Ale/IPA Crouch Vale 4.2 A very pale beer brewed with the aromatic Amarillo hop.
39 Loweswater Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Cumbrian 4.3 A golden ale producing a tropical fruit aroma and flavour, mild bitterness combines with juicy malt.
40 Dark Drake Porter/Stout Dancing Duck 4.5 Malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine in a velvety smooth drinking stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.
41 Knight's Noggin Porter/Stout Dancing Men 4.8 Rich, heavily-malted porter-style beer packed with toasted toffee and chocolate notes.
42 1801 Pale Ale/IPA Dancing Men 5.8 Traditional English IPA, dry hopped to give a sweet aromatic finish.
43 American Pale Ale Pale Ale/IPA Dark Star 4.7 A dry and pale American ale with a crisp taste and full hop flavour brewed with Cascade hops and Maris Otter malt.
44 Festival Old/Strong Dark Star 5.0 A chestnut bronze-coloured bitter with a smooth mouth-feel and freshness; a classic style strong bitter.
45 Victoria Bitter Bitter/Best Bitter Earl Soham 3.6 Light, hoppy and bitter. Brewed using a standard pale malt and crystal malt mix with Goldings and Fuggles.
46 Brandeston Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Earl Soham 4.5 Full-bodied with a great bitter tang, made with Brandeston Gold barley and Sibton hops.
47 Cambridge Bitter Bitter/Best Bitter Elgood's 3.8 A mid-brown session bitter with a good balance of malt and hop character.
48 Greyhound Old/Strong Elgood's 5.2 A strong bitter with a rich, brown colour, raisin character and palate fullness.
49 1872 Porter Porter/Stout Elland 6.5 Dark porter with a bittersweet palate and malt flavours with warming, rich port notes combining with a subtle hoppy finish.
50 Burston's Cuckoo Golden/Blonde Ale Elmtree 3.8 Golden ale with floral hops, a hint of citrus, and a dry refreshing finish.
51 Nightlight Mild Mild Elmtree 5.7 An old style mild, strong with liquorice hints in the lasting nutty finish.
52 ESB Old/Strong Fuller's 5.5 A rich mahogany beer with cherry and orange, soft malty toffee and caramel notes. Grassy, peppery notes lead to a biscuity finish.
53 Jarl Pale Ale/IPA Fyne Ales 3.8 A full-on citrus experience. Light and golden.
54 Broadsword Old/Strong George's 4.7 An old English brew, ruby/copper-coloured with a malty smooth start and a balanced dry finish.
55 Hop Monster Snake Oil Porter/Stout George's 5.0 Black stout made with five English malts and two hop varieties.
56 Mosaic City Pale Ale/IPA Golden Triangle 3.8 Light and refreshing pale ale with the distinctive hop note of Mosaic.
57 Orange Wheat Wheat Green Jack 4.2 Wheat beer infused with the taste of orange.
58 Mahseer Pale Ale/IPA Green Jack 5.8 India pale ale as it was intended to be, strong, bitter and very hoppy, brewed with English bittering hops and American aroma hops.
59 Ripper Barley Wine Green Jack 8.5 A strong barley wine, rich amber in colour, sweet and fruity with a warming finish.
60 Belhaven Black Porter/Stout Greene King 4.2 Full-bodied stout with a rich roasted coffee aroma and lingering hints of dark chocolate and liquorice.
61 Morland Old Hoppy Hen Pale Ale/IPA Greene King 4.2 Hoppy pale ale with a fresh citrus character made with US Chinook hops.
62 Strong Suffolk Old/Strong Greene King 6.0 Dark full-bodied strong old ale, dark, fruity and oaky.
63 Bottle Wreck Porter Porter/Stout Hammerpot 4.7 A traditional black porter with chocolate, coffee and rich roast malt flavours.
64 Bitter & Twisted Golden/Blonde Ale Harviestoun 3.8 A sharp, refreshing, blonde beer with a fresh hop profile and a sharpness like the twist of a lemon.
65 Schiehallion Fruit/Speciality Harviestoun 4.8 Lager beer, crisp, dry and airy with a fresh, grapefruity taste.
66 77 Pale Ale/IPA Heavy Industry 4.9 An amber IPA-style beer, hopped with Colombus and Cascade and dry hopped with a mixture including Simcoe and Mosaic, with flavours of dark Seville marmalade and a piney, peppery bitterness.
67 Twisted Sister Wheat Hellhound 3.5 A pale ale/wheat beer hybrid, made with US hops and finished with a champagne yeast.
68 Black Shuck Porter/Stout Hellhound 3.9 Dark stout brewed with porridge oats and coffee with a sweet malt finish.
69 Entire Stout Porter/Stout Hop Back 4.5 A rich dark stout with a strong, roasted-malt flavour and a long, smooth aftertaste.
70 Little Sharpie Golden/Blonde Ale Humpty Dumpty 3.8 A golden session bitter with a delicate hop aroma leading to a light clean-tasting finish.
71 Swallowtail Bitter/Best Bitter Humpty Dumpty 4.0 A refreshing, pale-amber, thirst-quenching ale, with a lively hop finish.
72 Jaguar Golden/Blonde Ale Kelburn 4.5 A golden, full-bodied ale with undertones of grapefruit and a long-lasting citrus, hoppy aftertaste.
73 Pale Rider Golden/Blonde Ale Kelham Island 5.2 A well-balanced, strong and fruity ale flavoured with North American hops.
74 Hop Baby Golden/Blonde Ale Kings Head 4.4 Golden ale, late-hopped using wild hops giving a refreshing citrus subtle lemon flavour and aroma.
75 Peter's Porter Porter/Stout Kings Head 4.6 Traditional dark porter, roasty with a bitter finish.
76 Dark Encore Bitter/Best Bitter Lacons 3.8 Dark pale ale with added Sinamar with fruit aromas balancing a dry pine and citrus flavour throughout followed by a long dry finish.
77 Affinity Bitter/Best Bitter Lacons 4.8 Full-bodied chestnut ale with passion fruit and lychee tartness followed by a balance of fruit and malt on the finish.
78 Audit Ale Barley Wine Lacons 8.0 Dark copper barley wine with flavours of berry fruit with spice. The finish is smooth and sweet.
79 Eatanswill Old Old/Strong Mauldons 4.0 A winter ale of deep red and brown hue with well balanced fruit and malt plus a slight sweetness on the palate ending in a roast bitterness.
80 George's Best Bitter/Best Bitter Mauldons 4.0 Traditional ale brewed with East Anglian malted barley and dry hopped to give a dominant fruity flavour complemented with a soft malt finish.
81 Suffolk Pride Bitter/Best Bitter Mauldons 4.8 A premium, full-bodied bitter, light in colour, with a powerful bouquet of hops and a developed, dry fruit finish.
82 Black Adder Porter/Stout Mauldons 5.3 A dark, bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt providing a lingering finish.
83 Oscar Wilde Mild Mighty Oak 3.7 A mellow, nutty, dark mild brewed using Maris Otter pale, crystal and black malts and gently hopped with Challenger.
84 Captain Bob Bitter/Best Bitter Mighty Oak 3.8 A traditional deep-amber-coloured bitter with a fruity and hoppy aroma, a slightly sweet maltiness on the palate and an easy-going bitterness followed by hints of gooseberry, elderflower and grape in the finish.
85 Minerva Golden/Blonde Ale Milton 4.6 Golden ale, brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness.
86 Marcus Aurelius Porter/Stout Milton 7.5 A luscious and velvety stout, with dark, roasty flavours and an underlying vanilla richness.
87 Workie Ticket Bitter/Best Bitter Mordue 4.5 A tasty, complex beer with malt and hops throughout and a long, satisfying bitter finish.
88 Stour Valley Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Nethergate 4.2 Light fruity golden ale.
89 Moon Gazer Ruby Ale Bitter/Best Bitter Norfolk Brewhouse 4.0 A ruby-coloured bitter with a rich, spicy, roasted aroma and a full, malty body, resulting in a full-bodied mouth-feel.
90 Moon Gazer American Pale Ale Pale Ale/IPA Norfolk Brewhouse 4.2 A light golden ale made with three American hops and Maris Otter barley.
91 Citra Golden/Blonde Ale Oakham 4.2 Hoppy and bitter golden ale with a grapefruit citrus character.
92 Green Devil IPA Pale Ale/IPA Oakham 6.0 Hop harvest aroma with tropical fruit bursting through.
93 Black Pig Old/Strong Old Cannon 4.2 A black ale with pear drop and apples on the nose and a rich, smooth body.
94 Powder Monkey Bitter/Best Bitter Old Cannon 4.5 A well-balanced premium bitter with fruity hops, balanced sweetness and bitterness and a lingering hoppy bitter aftertaste.
95 Good King Henry Porter/Stout Old Chimneys 9.2 Imperial stout, complex, dark and rich, with a hint of liqueur and truffles.
96 Skull Splitter Barley Wine Orkney 8.5 A rich fruity wine-like complexity on the palate includes fresh and dried fruits, warm spices and light summer citrus fruits.
97 Ginger Panther Wheat Panther 3.7 Refreshingly clean ginger wheat beer wih a distinct fiery kick, containing all the ingredients of Thai curry (lemon grass, chilli and ginger).
98 Black Panther Porter/Stout Panther 4.5 A dark rich stout, smooth with a complex full flavour, with a bittersweet balance that leads to a dry finish.
99 Glaslyn Ale Bitter/Best Bitter Purple Moose 4.2 A golden-coloured, fruity best bitter with a well-balanced hoppy finish.
100 Dark Side Of The Moose Old/Strong Purple Moose 4.6 A dark ale with a deep malt flavour from roasted barley and a fruity bitterness from Bramling Cross hops.
101 Ruby Mild Mild Rudgate 4.4 A dark-red beer with oak and wood-chip aroma, leading to a well-flavoured mouth-feel.
102 Shropshire Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Salopian 3.8 Golden, with a floral aroma and a full hoppy flavour balanced by a crisp dry maltiness and a rich finish.
103 Golden Thread Golden/Blonde Ale Salopian 5.0 A bright gold ale, using wheat and lager malt and flavoured with an infusion of aroma hops. Clean and crisp to the palate with a hint of sweetness and a long fruit filled finish.
104 Skiffle Bitter/Best Bitter Shortts Farm 4.5 A full-bodied premium ale with complex, rich malty flavours and a clean dry bitter finish.
105 Veteran Campaigner Bitter/Best Bitter Silks 3.8 Well-balanced session ale.
106 Old Man Shirv Bitter/Best Bitter Silks 4.5 A smooth and fruity copper-coloured premium ale.
107 Betty Stogs Bitter/Best Bitter Skinner's 4.0 Classic pale-amber bitter with hoppy overtones. A well-balanced quaffing ale made with Cornish malted barley and wheat.
108 Muck Cart Mild Mild Son of Sid 3.5 Roasted malt and coffee flavours with a chocolate aroma leading to a dry finish.
109 Golden Shower Golden/Blonde Ale Son of Sid 3.9 Light, hoppy session beer.
110 Jaipur Pale Ale/IPA Thornbridge 5.9 Strong India pale ale with a full hoppiness tinged with honey and a powerful enduring bitter finish.
111 Boltmaker Bitter/Best Bitter Timothy Taylor's 4.0 A well-balanced Yorkshire bitter, with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma.
112 Landlord Pale Ale/IPA Timothy Taylor's 4.3 Refreshing full-drinking pale ale with a complex and hoppy aroma.
113 Cwtch Bitter/Best Bitter Tiny Rebel 4.6 Welsh red ale with a complex malt base complementing its big hop flavours.
114 Plum Porter Porter/Stout Titanic 4.9 Dark strong and well-rounded porter made with Golding hops and natural plum flavouring.
115 Death or Glory Old/Strong Tring 7.2 A dark, aromatic, estery strong and complex ale brewed using Maris Otter malt and premium aroma hops.
116 Alton's Pride Bitter/Best Bitter Triple fff 3.8 Golden-brown session bitter with a hoppy aroma and a long bitter finish.
117 Hop Black Bitter/Best Bitter Wibblers 4.0 Cascadian dark ale, black in colour but with the smooth taste of a golden beer, made with American Cascade hops for a floral aroma.
118 Crafty Stoat Porter/Stout Wibblers 5.3 A complex recreation of an 1885 Ushers stout, dark and balanced with lots of English Fuggles.
119 Edith Cavell Bitter/Best Bitter Wolf 3.7 A hoppy, golden bitter with hints of blackcurrant giving a long smooth light finish.
120 Lavender Honey Golden/Blonde Ale Wolf 3.7 Honey infused with lavender is added to give this beer a delicate flavour.
121 Simcoe Pale Pale Ale/IPA Woodforde's 3.6 Simcoe pale, brewed with Maris Otter barley, Cara malt and Simcoe hops, with refreshing citrus and passion fruit flavours.
122 Wherry Bitter/Best Bitter Woodforde's 3.8 Amber session bitter, fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours, with a background of sweet malt and a hoppy grapefruit bitter finish.
123 Nelson's Revenge Bitter/Best Bitter Woodforde's 4.5 Bittersweet premium beer with aromas of citrus, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of hops.
124 Route 701 Pale Ale/IPA Xtreme Ales 4.0 A light hoppy beer brewed with pale ale and lager malt and hopped with Chinook, Galena and Simcoe giving a dry aftertaste.
125 Evil Pigeon Golden/Blonde Ale Xtreme Ales 5.5 Golden ale brewed with four American hops.
126 Centurion's Ghost Old/Strong York 5.4 Dark ruby in colour, full-tasting with a mellow roast flavour balanced by light bitterness and autumn fruit flavours that linger into the aftertaste.


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