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Beers in the Bar: Murderers cellar beers
No. Beer Style Brewery ABV Footprint Tasting Notes
1 Ghost Ship Pale Ale/IPA Adnams 4.5 A pale ale with an assertive pithy bitterness, biscuit flavours and fresh citrus aroma.
2 First Born IPA Pale Ale/IPA Blimey! 5.2 An IPA made with English malt and American hops.
3 Prasto's Porter Porter/Stout Boudicca 5.2 Full-bodied porter with dark fruit and hops on the nose, hints of roast malt, and a dry and smoky finish.
4 Smooth Hoperator Pale Ale/IPA Calvors 4.0 Pale ale with a rich golden colour and background sweetness brewed with four different East Anglian malts.
5 Dark Horse Stout Porter/Stout Elmtree 5.0 Rich coffee and classic hops on the nose, dark ripe fruit in the mouth and a velvet smoothness.
6 Best Bitter Bitter/Best Bitter Grain 4.2 A malty traditional amber ale, brewed with a blend of pale ale, chocolate and crystal malts.
7 Morland Old Speckled Hen Bitter/Best Bitter Greene King 4.5 A full-flavoured ale with a distinctive rich malty taste and a fruity aroma.
8 Old Forge Amber Old/Strong Hoxne 4.0 Dark in colour but light in flavour, smoky and rich in flavour with the aroma of fruit gums.
9 Falcon Ale Bitter/Best Bitter Lacons 4.2 Modern expression of a classic dark bitter with an auburn glint, with lightly spiced flavours leading to a fruity bitter finish.
10 Samba Golden/Blonde Ale Leeds 3.7 A blonde beer made with malts more usually associated with lager. Delicate and fruity with a clean finish.
11 Summer Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Mr Winter's 3.9 Light and fruity golden ale with a crisp hoppy bitterness.
12 Gold Golden/Blonde Ale Mumbles 4.3 Golden beer with a bold hoppy taste.
13 Honey Panther Golden/Blonde Ale Panther 4.0 A honey-infused golden ale with a wild flower character.
14 Afterglow Bitter/Best Bitter S&P 3.9 Amber session ale with the full-bodied maltiness of Maris Otter and the subtle taste and aroma of English Challenger hops.
15 Doom Bar Bitter/Best Bitter Sharp's 4.0 Well-balanced bitter with spicy hop aromas, sweet malt and dried fruit, lightly-roasted malty notes and a subtle bitterness.
16 Rockabilly Pale Ale/IPA Shortts Farm 4.3 American pale ale, pale amber in colour, with refreshing fruity hops and a hint of citrus.
17 Suffolk Extra Gold Golden/Blonde Ale St. Peter's 4.2 A rarely brewed crisp golden ale.
18 Edith Cavell Bitter/Best Bitter Wolf 3.7 A hoppy, golden bitter with hints of blackcurrant giving a long smooth light finish.
19 Lupus Lupus Golden/Blonde Ale Wolf 4.2 Biscuit flavoured, blonde ale, highly hopped using American fruit flavoured hops.
20 Wherry Bitter/Best Bitter Woodforde's 3.8 Amber session bitter, fresh and zesty with crisp floral flavours, with a background of sweet malt and a hoppy grapefruit bitter finish.
21 Bure Gold Bitter/Best Bitter Woodforde's 4.3 Aromatic golden ale with pale and lightly-roasted malts with notes of passionfruit and orange.
22 Nelson's Revenge Bitter/Best Bitter Woodforde's 4.5 Bittersweet premium beer with aromas of citrus, sweet Norfolk malts and a burst of hops.


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